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WP Policy Manual

Guidelines for Handling Situations

How we handle hostile situations is one of the things we need to continue to work on as a group. We've had restrictions and ejections without getting warnings in first. Lets review our policy and procedure for handling these situations:

When it comes to coaches:

1) Ignore - we're going to ignore some minor things that come out of the dugout. Chirping about pitches is one of these things. Ignore it the first time, then we should...

2) Acknowledge - a look to the dugout or to the coach to let him know we've heard him. If you hear something out of the dugout, a look over there to see who it actually is saying it. If not the head coach or if it persists, you may want to move forward to ....

3) Address - again, still talking about minor things such as chirping about balls and strikes or a judgement call on the bases. Sometimes addressing a coach is the first thing we may have to do if the coach is in his box chirping about balls and strikes or an assistant asking about a judgement call. A hand up (palm forward) for them to stop is a non-verbal way of addressing a situation. This is our chance to diffuse a situation, not escalate it. After giving them the stop sign with your hand, if they keep on about it, we need to move forward to ...

4) Warn - a warning can be given in many different situations and it may be the first thing you have to do in an argument about judgement, especially with an assistant. Use the word warning when addressing the situation. "Coach, this is your warning for ______ if you continue to _____ then you'll be restricted to the dugout" Make sure your body language is appropriate for the situation. Also make sure that you're not perceived as being aggressive - don't move towards them and make sure your tone is appropriate. After you've given a warning and they persist, they've pushed you to....

5) Restriction - when restricting an assistant coach to the dugout, the head coach is restricted as well by rule. When restricting a head coach, he is not to leave the dugout except to attend to an ill or injured player or to break up a possible fight situation. You can restrict on the first offense in certain situations such as use of profanity as well. When you restrict a coach to the dugout also include the phrase "you're restricted to the dugout and if you keep _____, you'll be ejected from the game." Now they have been told what will happen if they continue to do whatever they are doing.

6) Ejection - our last resort. We always want to warn and restrict before we eject. There are situations however where an immediate ejection without warning or restriction are warranted. Things like, kicking dirt on you or the plate or a base, gross profanity, or physical contact are some of these. 

Hopefully these guidelines will help you in handling situations properly. Remember, these are just guidelines and will vary from situation to situation. Coaches need to be told their boundaries when possible. If we warn and restrict before ejecting, this gives me a leg to stand on when I talk to the coach or athletic director after the game. Be professional and use very specific wording when addressing and warning coaches. Also write down warnings on your lineup card like you would a mound visit. Detail inning and outs for future reference.

Inclement Weather

Seth or Scott will call on same day cancellations.  Seth will also post it to Arbiter where the game will appear in RED. 

Game Reports

Game Reports are to be completed by the PLATE umpire.  Go to the Arbiter and on your schedule page, click on the red R near the Notes column.  Do not click on the notes icon (clipboard looking icon with the green +).  Fill in the score and add any comments, if needed.  Click on Save.  If you do not complete the report the day of the game, in order to see the game and the red R, you will have to click the Show All box located under Display on the left side of your schedule page.

Playoff Dress Code

Coat and tie are required for Regional Round and State Finals

Relief Fund

Please send your $5 to Clifton Bennett for the Relief Fund.  His address is on the Arbiter.

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