Western Piedmont Baseball Officials Association

Rules Quiz


1.  Team A has small dugouts.  In an effort to accomodate the teams, Team A uses chalk to draw temporary lines which extend parallel with the foul line and on the outfield side of the dugout.  This is legal.  True or False?

2.  B1 appears at the plate with a bat that is (a) wood (b) aluminum (c) bamboo (d) composite (e) fiberglass or (f) titanium.  All have BBCOR certification mark.  All of these bats are legal.  True or False?

3.  One out.  R2 on second base. B3 gets a one hop base hit to center field.  As R2 advances to third base, F8 throws to F5 in an attempt to put out R2.  The ball gets by F5 and is prevented from entering dead ball territory by a shinguard left on the field by the defense.  The umpires allow play to continue and R2 is thrown out at the plate.  The out stands.  True or False?

4.  The home team's catcher takes his position behind the plate in the top of the first inning with a skull cap helmet and mask combination.  This is illegal equipment.  A catcher is required to wear head protection with double ear flaps that meets the NOCSAE standard.  He is told by the umpire to get legal equipment.  True or False?

5.  The umpire observes F2 wearing a loose-fitting bracelet that describes F2's diabetic condition.  The umpire instructs F2 to have the bracelet securely taped to his wrist in such a way that it is visible by does not pose a potential risk to other players.  True or False?












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